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*ewch i waelod y dudalen i ddarllen yn Gymraeg*

Spring has finally sprung! After what felt like a really long and wet winter, I think we can safely say that Spring is now officially here. My daughter has just finished school for 3 whole weeks (I’m pretty sure that I’m more excited about this than she is!), and I can’t wait to have a bit of quality time to enjoy getting outdoors with her. The first thing we did on Saturday morning (well, second thing, after eating our pain au chocolat) was write a list of what we want to do over the next 3 weeks, and we stuck it on the fridge to tick off as we go. If you know me, you’ll know that I love lists. I was quite surprised with how simple a few of her suggestions were - playing football in the garden, going to the garden centre, playing with old toys and getting the sand tub out in the garden. Some of the things were more ambitious of course, and these are the things I’ve decided to share with you in this blog, in the hope that you might find something new to do with your family this Easter holidays.

  1. The Beach. We’re really lucky in Wales that we’ve got so many gorgeous beaches nearby. Southerndown (Dunraven Bay), in the Vale of Glamorgan is around a 40 minute drive from the outskirts of Cardiff and is so worth the journey. It’s around £5 to park for a whole day, there’s a little shop selling drinks and ice cream, toilets, and the car park is right next to the beach, perfect for the smallest children. There’s also a really pretty garden if you walk up the hill and it’s all accesible for prams because of the lovely paths that have been put in.

  2. St Fagan’s Museum. There’s so much to do here that it really doesn’t feel like a museum, more like a country park. There are of course loads of cool old houses to look round, but there’s also a play park, high ropes course, a little farm (and at the moment you might even see some tiny lambs!). Over the Easter holidays there’s also a traditional fair and a museum Easter trail to follow. It’s £5 per car to park all day, with free entry to the museum (extra charges apply to some activities) and with loads of facilities and a cafe / restaurant it’s perfect for families with small children.

  3. Dyffryn Gardens. This is an absolute gem hidden in the Vale of Glamorgan but only 15 minutes from Cardiff. The gardens belong to the National Trust and there are lots of activities happening over the Easter holidays. Children can be plant hunters or go on an easter egg hunt (there’s an extra charge for the egg hunt and booking in advance is necessary). Or just take a picnic with you, go for a romp round the gardens, the main house and the glass house, and don’t forget to visit the Log Stack - an adventure playground made entirely from trees felled in the gardens. If you’re NT member, parking and entrance to the gardens is free. Not a NT member? It’s still worth a visit as there’s a cafe and a lovely play park outside the entrance that are free for everyone to enjoy.

  4. Cardiff Bay Barrage. We love going to the barrage! It’s so easy to park on the Penarth side (near the Custom House), and it feels safe to let children have a little bit of freedom on their bikes / scooters because no cars are allowed to drive down the lovely wide road. Take a picnic and stop half way across - at the amazing pirate adventure playground - before carrying on and reaching Cardiff Bay. There aren’t any facilities on the Penarth side of the barrage, but there are loads of options in the Bay for food, drinks, ice creams etc before heading back. The road across the barrage is wide, flat and tarmaced, so it’s perfect for prams and small children.

  5. Bute Park. Oh my, what a park this is. It’s so easy to spend a whole day here as there are so many different parts to it. The river Taff runs down one side of it, with Cardiff Castle nestled against the border of the park to the south. It’s got formal gardens, woodland and open spaces that are perfect for children to run wild! In the middle of the park, there’s a new play trail made from gorgeous natural materials. There are several cafes dotted around the park (with local business Penylan Pantry running one of them - yum!), some toilets, loads of places to park at different entrances, and of course no entry fee.

  6. Hensol Forest. Hands up who else has children who love wielding sticks and running round with them for hours on end?! My daughter loves picking up sticks and carrying them with her around Hensol Forest in the Vale of Glamorgan. There are no facilities here, but surely that’s part of the fun?! Cowbridge is only a short drive away, so if you are desperate for some caffeine after your walk in the forest, you’ll find lots of options there. Or, be brave, pack a picnic (and maybe a compass?!) and head out for an adventure to find the 3 bears / the big bad wolf / the Gruffalo / anyone else who lives in the woods. There are loads of paths that wind their way through this massive forest and a few maps along the way so that you don’t get totally lost.

  7. Margam Park. So I’ve cheated a bit with this one because it’s not in Cardiff or the Vale, but it is so worth the 45 minute drive from Cardiff to get there. It’s £6 per car to park all day, with no entry fee, and there is SO much to do here, you will want to stay as late as you can. There’s an adventure playground for older children, a fairytale village for little ones, a farm trail with lovely animals, a gorgeous house to wander round, acres of gardens, a miniture train that takes you to the top of the hill (there’s an extra charge for this), and of course the glorious deer park. If you can find on of the park rangers they are usually more than happy to take you to spot some of the 3 breeds of deer that live on the park.

  8. Amelia Trust Farm. This is a lovely little farm in the Vale of Glamorgan. There are plenty of animals to see, walking trails through woods, and a cafe that serves hot and cold meals, drinks and cakes. The farm is also a charity that helps children and young people with additional learning, behavioural or mental health needs, so when you spend your money here, you’re making a big difference to them. Parking is free (although you are welcome to make a donation) and there is a reasonable charge for entrance on weekends and during school holidays.

  9. Radyr Woods. To my shame, I only discovered this place last week! There are different paths leading through the woods, so it’s easy to find something to suit your family (some are quite steep or have lots of steps so are better suited to older children). There’s a play park next to the parking area (pop Fisher Hill Way into your Sat Nav), but no other facilities. If you come here over the Easter holidays, there’s a good chance that Bluebell Bank will be in full bloom.

  10. Insole Court. If your children love art and craft as well as being outside, Insole Court in Llandaff is the perfect place to combine to two. They hold classes and workshops over the school holidays (you’ll need to book in advance) and have loads of lovely things happening. But it’s also a great place to go just to have a nice walk through the gardens and treat yourself to a coffee and some cake in the cafe. There’s plenty of parking, good facilities, and it’s within walking distance of Llandaff Village and Llandaff Fields.

Hopefully you’re found at least one new thing on this list to try during the Easter holidays! If you’ve got somewhere that your family loves, please do let me know in the comments section below - we love exploring new places!

Clare x

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Hi, I’m Clare, a South Wales family photographer who loves working outdoors with natural light. I cover Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan for maternity, newborn, child and family photoshoots. Get in touch if you’d like to book your family’s photoshoot, I can’t wait to meet you!

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Ar ôl gaeaf hir a gwlyb, diolch byth fod y Gwanwyn wedi cyrraedd! Mae fy merch fach i newydd orffen ysgol am dair wythnos (a dwi’n meddwl bo fi’n fwy ecseited na hi am hyn!) a fedrai’m aros i gael dipyn bach o amser joio efo hi. Y peth cyntaf naethon ni ar fore dydd Sadwrn (ar ôl byta’n pain au chocolat wrth gwrs) oedd sgwennu rhestr, fel ryw fath o ticklist, o beth oedden ni isho neud dros y tair wsos nesaf, a’i sticio fo ar y ffridj. Mi o’n i di synnu efo pa mor syml oedd rhai o’r pethau - chwarae pêl yn yr ardd, mynd i’r ganolfan arddio, chwarae efo hen degannau a chael y twb tywod allan yn yr ardd. Ond wedyn ma rhai o’r pethau’n fwy fel diwrnod allan, a’r rhain dwi isho rhannu efo chi heddiw. Gobeithio fydd na o leiaf un peth ar y rhestr fydd yn newydd i chi, neu efallai’ch bod chi’n darllen y blog yma i gael syniadau am beth i neud ar eich gwyliau lawr yng Nghaerdydd.

  1. Lan y môr. Mi ydan ni’n lwcus iawn yng Nghymru efo’n traethau. Mae Southerndown (Bae Dwnrhefn), ym Mro Morgannwg, tua 40 munud o gyrion Caerdydd, ac mae’n werth mynd lawr na. Mae’n costio tua £5 i barcio drwy’r dydd, mae siop sy’n gwerthu hufen iâ a choffi, toiledau, ac mae’r maes parcio reit wrth y traeth, sy’n berffaith i blant bach. Mae na hefyd lwybr i fyny’r allt sy’n mynd a chi at gerddi bach neis ac mae’n hawdd gwthio pram gan fod llwybr call yr holl fordd i fyny.

  2. Sain Ffagan. Mae na gymaint o betha i neud yma, dio’m yn teimlo fel amgueddfa o gwbl, ond yn fwy fel parc antur. Wrth gwrs mae’r hen dai yn lyfli i edrych rownd, ond mae na hefyd barc chwarae, fferm fach (lle ma nhw’n wyna ar hyn o bryd) a dros wyliau’r Pasg mae Ffair Draddodiadol hefyd. £5 i barcio am y dydd ond mynediad am ddim, efo caffi / bwyty a chyfleusterau gwych ar gyfer plantos bach.

  3. Gerddi Dyffryn. Ma hon yn ‘hidden gem’ ym Mro Morgannwg. Mae’r gerddi yma’n berchen i’r Ymddiriedolaeth Genedlaethol (National Trust) ac mae llwyth o bethau i’w gwneud yma dros wyliau’r Pasg. Mae plant yn gallu cogio bod yn arloeswyr planhygion, neu chwilota am wyau Pasg (mae’n rhaid bwcio hyn o flaen llaw). Neu, just ewch a phicnic efo chi, ewch am dro rownd y gerddi, y ty mawr a’r ty gwydr, a chofwich chwarae yn y parc antur sydd wedi’i neud yn gyfangwbl allan o hen goed o’r gerddi. Os ydych chi’n aelodau o’r YG, mae parcio a mynediad am ddim (mae cost ychwanegol am rai o’r digwyddiadau). Ddim yn aelod o’r YG? Dim problem! Mae caffi a pharc chwarae tu allan i’r fynedfa a gallwch fwynhau rhain heb fod yn aelod.

  4. Morglawdd Bae Caerdydd. Da ni wrth ein boddau’n mynd i’r morglawdd. Mae’n hawdd i barcio ar ochr Penarth (wrth ymyl y Custom House), ac mae hi’n saff i adael i blantos bach fynd ar eu beics / sgwters gan fod dim ceir yn cael gyrru ar hyd y lôn llydan. Ewch am dro a stopiwch am bicnic hanner ffordd ar draws - mae parc môr ladron gwych yna - cyn cario ‘mlaen a chyrraedd Bae Caerdydd. Does dim toiledau na chaffi ar ochr Penarth, ond mae llwyth o lefydd yn y Bae i gael bwyd, diod, hufen iâ ac ati cyn troi nôl. Mae’r lôn ar draws y morglawdd yn llydan a fflat, ac felly’n hawdd iawn i’w gerdded efo pram neu plantos bach.

  5. Parc Biwt. Mae hon yn chwip o barc. Mae’n enfawr. Mae hi’n hawdd iawn treulio diwrnod cyfan yn y parc yma gan fod na gymaint o wahanol rannau iddi. Mae’r afon Taf yn rhedeg i lawr un ochr, mae Castell Caerdydd yn cefnu un cornel, mae gerddi ffurfiol yna, ond hefyd llwyth o goedwig a caeau agored sy’n berffaith i blant cael rhedeg yn wyllt! Yng nghanol y parc mae llwybr antur newydd ar gyfer plant sydd fel parc chwarae pren naturiol. Mae caffis bach neis iawn yn y parc ei hun (ac mae busnes lleol Penylan Pantry wedi dechrau rhedeg un ohonynt - iym!), mae digon o gyfleusterau, mae lot o lefydd i barcio, ac wrth gwrs does dim tâl mynediad.

  6. Coedwig Hensol. Sgena chi blant sy’n licio pigo briga fyny a’u cario nhw rownd am oriau maith?! Mae genai un! Ac mae hi wrth ei bodd yng Nghoedwig Hensol, Bro Morgwannwg. Does dim cyfleusterau yma gan fod hi’n goedwig naturiol, ond mae hynna’n rhan o’r hwyl! Paciwch bicnic (ac ella cwmpawd?!) ac ewch am antur i chwilota am y 3 arth / y blaidd mawr cas / y Gryffalo / unrhwyun arall sy’n byw mewn coedwig. Mae llwyth o lwybrau yn igam-ogamu drwy’r goedwig a mapiau ar hyd y ffordd i chi gael ryw fath o syniad lle da chi di landio!

  7. Parc Margam. Iawn ta, dwi di twyllo dipyn bach efo hwn achos dio’m yn Gaerdydd nac ym Mro Morgannwg, ond mae o’n werth gyrru’r 45 munud o Gaerdydd i gyrraedd yna. Mae hi’n £6 y car i barcio drwy’r dydd ac mae yna GYMAINT i neud yma, mi fyddwch chi’n bendant isho aros mor hir a fedrwch chi! Mae na barc chwarae ar gyfer plant hyn, byd tylwyth teg ar gyfer plantos bach, fferm, ty crand, gerddi di-ri, trên bach i fynd a chi i dop yr allt (tâl ychwanegol) ac wrth gwrs barc ceirw. Gofynnwch i un o’r staff fynd a chi i ffeindio’r ceirw - mae nhw’n glên iawn ac yn hapus i ddangos i chi’n union ble mae’r ceirw’n byw.

  8. Fferm Amelia Trust. Mae hon yn fferm fach lyfli ym Mro Morgannwg. Mae na ddigon o anifeiliaid i’w gweld, llwybrau gerdded trwy’r goedwig a chaffi bach sy’n gwerthu prydau poeth, diodydd, chacenni a hufen iâ. Mae’r fferm yn elusen sy’n helpu plant a phobl ifanc sydd efo anhawsterau dysgu, ymddygiad neu lles emosiynol hefyd, felly mae’r pres da chi’n wario yma yn gwneud gwahaniaeth mawr iddyn nhw. Mae parcio am ddim (ond mae croeso i chi wneud cyfraniad) ac mae tâl mynediad teg yn ystod y gwyliau ac ar benwythnosau.

  9. Coedwig Radyr. ‘Mond wsos yma nes i ddarganfod y lle ma! Cwilydd! Mae na lot o lwybrau gwahanol drwy’r goedwig yma, felly gallwch ffeindio rhywbeth i siwito’ch teulu chi (mae rhai yn addas ar gyfer plant hyn gan fod nhw’n serth iawn neu efo lot o grisiau). Mae na barc chwarae bach wrth ymyl y lle parcio (rhowch Fisher Hill Way mewn i’r Sat Nav), ond dim cyfleusterau eraill. Ac os ewch chi yma dros wyliau’r Pasg, mae na siawns da i chi weld carped o glychau’r gog.

  10. Cwrt Insole. Os ydych plant chi’n joio celf a crefft yn ogystal a bod yn yr awyr agored, ewch i Cwrt Insole, Llandaff. Mae nhw wastad efo dosbarthiadau (mae angen bwcio o flaen llaw) a phethau diddorol yn digwydd, ond mae hi’n hyfryd hefyd jyst mynd am dro drwy’r gerddi a chael panad a chacen yn y caffi bach sydd yna. Mae digon o le i barcio, cylfeusterau da, ac mae hi’n agos iawn i bentref Llandaf a chaeau Llandaf.

Gobeithio i chi ffeindio o leiaf un peth newydd i drio yn ystod y gwyliau Pasg! Gadewch i fi wbod yn y ‘comments’ isod be di’ch awgrymiadau chi am y pethau gorau i wneud yng Nghaerdydd a’r Fro, da ni’n joio mynd ar anturiaethau newydd fel teulu!

Clare x