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This month’s theme as part of my mentoring programme run by the amazing Nina Mace is ‘Family’. It really is the perfect theme for me - it’s why I do my job. I started taking my photography seriously when my daughter was born. I was obsessed with taking photos of her, and I’m so glad I was. I saw the perfect quote last week from Suzi Mitchell at Little White Photography - “if you want to know what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph'“. This quote really spoke to me. I’m not scared of my baby growing up, but I’m scared of losing the memories of how tiny she once was. That’s why I love capturing people and their families as they are now, so that when things change, they have a permanent record of things as they were.

This photo was taken on a recent family shoot, where Granny, her 3 daughters, and their families were all together for a rare occasion. It didn’t really occur to me at the time, but someone pointed out to me afterwards that this image will be in their family for generations. I hope that it’ll be something they can look back on in 10, 20, 30 years’ time and remember how their family looked in 2019. It’s photos like this that are the driving force behind why I offer prints with all of my image packages. Images like this don’t deserve to be confined to a USB or the screen of a phone, they deserve to be displayed proudly on a mantlepiece or hung on walls.

For the photographers reading this – as with 90% of all the photos I take, I used my Canon 5d MK iv and my 70-200 2.8L at 200mm and wide open at f2.8. It was shot on a cloudy day, but I’d scouted the location on a sunny day, so I’d made sure that there was plenty of open shade as the shoot was starting at 6.30pm. As it was taken in July, this was around an hour and a half before golden hour and I didn’t want to chance the harsh afternoon light!

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Hi, I’m Clare, an Award Winning South Wales family photographer who loves working outdoors with natural light. I cover Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan for maternity, newborn, child and family photoshoots. Get in touch if you’d like to book your family’s photoshoot.

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