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Those of you who read my blog regularly will know that I’m part of a mentoring programme run by the amazing Nina Mace. Way back at the end of May, she tasked me with writing a blog on the theme ‘Green’. As soon as I read that word, I felt filled with panic. I HATE GREEN. Not green clothes or green paint or green food, but the colour green in photos. The thing is that it’s tricky to get the right kind of green in a photo. Bright greens might be great for instagram, but I wouldn’t really want them in photos that are hanging on my walls. Softer, mint greens and dark, dramatic greens are far more pleasing to the eye.

At this time of year, trees, grass, fields and hedgerows are full of greenery and it’s all very beautiful…. except that when you put a human next to them, they also start to look green. Not so beautiful. The strong light at this time of year, mixed with the greenery all around can tend to give a sort of green glow to people in photos. Of course there are ways to avoid this, and that’s why I’ll always suggest that we book a family photoshoot for as late in the day as the light allows (you’ll thank me after you’ve seen how flattering the light in your photos is, I promise).

So as I was thinking about which photo to include in this blog, I just couldn’t pick a photo which I absolutely loved that featured summer greens. That is, until last week when I delivered this gallery to my client. The photo above is from a commercial shoot I did for a stud farm - it’s a horse headshot! The green in this photo comes from a hedgerow behind the horse, which was shaded by the big oak tree that the horse was stood under. I love the depth of the green against his bay colouring and I think it really complements the red tones in his coat. Isn’t he just so handsome?

For the photographers reading this – as with 90% of all the photos I take, I used my Canon 5d MK iv and my 70-200 2.8L at 200mm and wide open at f2.8. It was shot with the sun behind / overhead at 12pm using the tree line behind to filter the light.

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